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Sacabam on Sui

We may not be the largest-cap memecoin, but we're certainly the most entertaining memecoin community ever alive!


Price: 1 SCB = $

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Sacabam 2

My name is Sacabambaspis, but you can call me "Sacabam" for short. I'm actually an extinct, prehistoric, jawless fish that lived during the Ordovician period.

You may be wondering how I'm able to communicate with you now, even though I'm extinct. Well, let me explain. In August 2022, a picture of me with my mouth open and no fins (which makes me a pretty bad swimmer, poor me!) went viral on the internet after it was captured at the Finnish Museum of Natural History. Eventually, a group of my fans decided to tokenize me on the Sui network, so I was reborn after almost 470 million years. And this time, I'll have an immortal life on the blockchain.

To repay their kindness, I've decided to dedicate my entire second life to becoming a meme token that brings joy and fun to all community members.

Fish union
Ready for a trip?Sacabam 3
Onboard new members

Onboard new members

Go viral on the Sui Ecosystem and attract new fishes from other chains to the Sui Ocean.

Driven by Community


As a token of the community, our aim is to promote decentralization and democracy.

Do some fun and weird stuff

Have fun and do weird stuff

Develop mini-games, create memes, NFT things and do anything that we have never done before.

Swim for the culture.

Swim for the culture

Create a culture that's totally unique to Sui. Together, we can make this become the best meme token that Sui has ever seen.

As a community, we will:


Total Supply: 47,000,000,000,000

Ticker: $SCB

Network: Sui blockchain

Utilities: Use for mini-games & other social experiments of the project. A portion of the tokens collected from that will be burned to deflate the supply of $SCB.

Im watching you
Tokenomic chartSacabam chart

15% CEX Listing

85% DEX Liquidity


Introducing Poseidollar, the money printer of Sui.

Are you tired of all the inflation and deflation stuff caused by a Central Bank that keep printing out money which you have absolute no control of ?


“Last week, I visited Palawan, an island in the Philippines. I shared the journey of the Sacabam fish with the locals, and they were so impressed that they gave us 10,000 local oysters as a gift before I left.

Now, I am excited to introduce Sacabam, an experiment on - a pearl farm on the Sui Network.“

After coming back from Palawan, I visited Neptune‘s Fortune casino. Octavia, the owner, sensed my nervousness when I played roulette. Octavia whispered, “Know when to let go.“ I learned that at Neptune‘s Fortune, wisdom swam hand in hand with luck.
NFT Minting

Sacabam NFTs is a limited collection of 3,333 unique Sacabam fish, each possessing unique properties. These NFTs serve as representations of individuals within the Sacabam community. Holders of Sacabam NFTs will enjoy exclusive benefits when participating in new Sacabam experiments.

Phase 1:

Pre-mint Fossil with $SCB. All $SCB used will be burned

Allocation: TBA

Price: TBA


Phase 2:

Sketch reveal Utility for Sacabam NFT

Allocation: TBA

Price: TBA


Phase 3:

Public Mint

Allocation: TBA

Price: TBA


Sacabam Mint


Fossil left: 0

Wondering Sacabam


I don't know, you tell me!


Check it out!